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May 13, 2012


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Gosh, it's fun watching her grow up through your blog...Lily is just adorable!! Funny little tidbit...my oldest granddaughter's name is Alexandra Rose, but she has always wanted to be a lily, so for the longest time, that's what she went by on the social websites. She's soon to be 18 and graduates from high school next week, with a year of college under her belt too. How can that be!??! I'm not much over 28!! So, I love the name Lily, and yours is just too fun to watch turn into such a sweet young lady! :=)


ooooh that looks like the absolute best, fuzziest and most wonderful mother-daughter day ever! thanks SO much for taking pictures so we could tag along! now i can't wait to see what you got!


Fantastic! Love the pictures of Lily enjoying fiber fest.


How much fun!!!
What a great day. Don't you think you guys need a llama?
Or at least an alpaca.


This looks like so much fun. I hope one day I can squeeze in a fiber festival.

Do I see a loom in Lily's future?


My eldest is just the same. She makes sure that I join her in. Guess we should thank our lucky stars that we both have daughters that like the same things as we do! What a fun place to visit.


I am working in reverse here! I have already seen your gorgeous purchases! Lily looks like she had fun!! (I am still having problems posting from my pc, it just freezes after I click 'post' and I don't ever get the word recognition appearing.)


you must have had a blast. i can tell by the number of pictures!

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