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May 31, 2012


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Oh, I love lambs! Too cute. :)


Gasp!!! You are seriously the luckiest girl on earth! Oh my goodness they are just the sweetest little things ever!!!!!'


O.M.G!!!! How cute is that? Now I feel so guilty for all the lamb chops I've had so far and hereby confirm on oath that I will never eat anything lamb again...


So so cute!! I love that your friends brought them over for a play date.


Wait, they came to visit you?! That's brilliant!


Oh my goodness, how cute are they!!!! Just adorable. Ros


I am so, so jealous!! Lucky you!


cuteness overload.


Aaaahhh I can't stand the cuteness!!!!! Seriously I just want to kiss their little pink cotton candy noses!


OH my gosh Melissa! where do you live? I am going right now to pet these beautiful baby lambs! You are so so so lucky!


I don't know if they can compete with baby caribou but if anything could compete, it would be lambs. Too. Stinking. Cute.

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