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August 13, 2012


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your hexagons are beautiful! but not as beautiful as you.
i love you, and i love that little fella you're currently growing inside you more than words can say.
i wish i could hug you both up!


The story is very special, and I understand your feeling because I went through that sad part too. But your blanket is super adorable and very special too. All the best for you and your baby and much love.


Those turned out great! And the shirt. Love it! :)


As I shared with you before, I totally get where you are at, right down to the baby boy who came next. I am so happy for you both. The blanket is beautiful, and your wip looks beautiful too!

Happy Anniversary!


Congratulations on your most precious WIP :)


Oh cmv you are so beautiful! Your knitting, your crocheting, your heart and soul. I just love you so much are and so happy for you THREE!


Ps. You are totally rocking that shirt! I want to rub your Buddha belly.

Mary de B

Great news! And beautiful blankets, too.


Oh, what a beautiful story and beautiful belly!! Got this from EMB. Take good care of yourselves--all three!


Congratulations! Your blankets look beautiful. It's certainly special to be able to save the original for your son. Take care!


Oh, there is so much to say. First, I'm not joking when I looked at some yarn and thought of sending it to you for your rainbow blanket. It was just yesterday and I got a little sad thinking about your little baby. How much joy I feel in knowing that things are coming full circle and your little boy is growing inside you! Congratulations to you both!

It seems fitting that you should take part in Ravellenic Games - isn't the olympic part of it all just beginning?!?

And on a lighter note - I've loved that shirt from the first time I saw it months ago. It makes me laugh every time I see it! LOVE!


So many congratulations to you Claire, I'm incredibly happy for you and your husband of 1 year. Amazing! I'd love to put a little something in the post for your little one. Maybe you can send me your address in an email?


What wonderful news! I am so, so happy for you and Georg. Mr JK and I are coming over to Munich in December to see his cousin and I was going to suggest meeting up for a beer! But I'm guessing you'll be super busy with other things now!!! Both blankets are gorgeous!


sending buckets of love to you and your wip :)
(aha! a boy!)
i made some booties for a baby that was lost to us and i still have that pair tucked away. there is a big hug swimming its way across the ocean to you.....now.


Congratulations on you wip...I think that is the awesomest shirt ever! Prayers for you and the little one you are growing that your pregnancy and birth will be healthy and happy!


Oh Claire -- such exciting news and a huge congratulations to you both!!! Your rainbow blankets are perfect and I love the way they are connected.

Also -- happy one year anniversary (A bit late but I had a good excuse)!!

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