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August 29, 2012


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Lovely yarn and I think if the yarn is for specific projects, I think it's fine :-)


Good choices in yarn! :)


Wow! Eight months is something to be proud of!! I've been trying to use up my own stash too. I haven't completely cut out buying yarn, but I've been trying to only get yarn when it's for something I don't have in my stash. This yarn looks great! I'm excited to see what you do with it!


Good reasons, all! Rocky and I were talking and I'm pretty sure I'm probably a Ravenclaw. Kudos to Lily for such dedicated reading! And the final 3 books weren't too much for her? And I have the top two variegated yarns too!


Wow, that Lily is one amazing little girl!! You do know there are 'house' hats/beanies and mittens too, right?
If only I could have your resolve in the yarn buying area, but it's so, so, hard when you work at your LYS!! Eight months is awesome!


When you fall off the wagon you fall hard! Beautiful yarn and I'm so looking forward to seeing the projects. Lily is an awesome reader, She completely deserves a scarf. I love seeing baby lily pictures.


Oooo, fun times indeed! However the thing I'm truly impressed with is your 8 month wagon-ride. You are my super hero/role model knitter all in one! Your projects sound lots of fun to benefit many. Happy Knitting!


Amazing reading from Lily, that scarf is well deserved, so the yarn purchase is definitely allowed!


ohi so fondly remember baby lily's potter sweater. how INCREDIBLE that she's already old enough to have read all SEVEN books by HERSELF in one summer! i'd say a potter scarf is absolutely the perfect reward.
and eight months without a yarn purchase?! super duper impressed!


Two words for you - Weasley Sweater.

Lovely yarns!


I am a Gryffindor fan too! I can't wait to see the scarf!

Hugs to you my friend!


Wow Lily! That's pretty impressive. I LOVE the 'Harry Potter' books, each and every one. Some lovely yarn choices there Melissa. Ros


you totally deserve some new yarn. is any of the yellow and red yarn for the scarf made by Vanna? i just know that you miss buying Vanna yarn :)

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