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February 26, 2013


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Oh Melissa, you are so close! Come on, you can do it! Flo and I are cheering you on from this side of the Pond!!


You can do it!!! I too am cheering you on! I know what it's like and just think of how happy you will be when it's done... that being said, Lovely Dishcloths! ;-)


That sweater is looking so good! You're almost there! Can't wait to see the FO!


I have to say it (deepest apologies, sometimes I can be 12)...if this weren't a knitting blog that title would have had me raise an eyebrow.

Ahem. While I don't revel in your pain, it's good to know super productive knitters sometimes lose momentum on projects. I am drawn to short-sleeved sweaters and while I think most of that is just from the fashion side, this picture makes me wonder if it's more cuz I hate that final sleeve slog. Where every inch seems to take forever. Something to think on. In the meantime, I know you can push through...Lily is going to look so cute in her striped sweater!


It looks really great!! You're sooo close. Sleeveless sounds pretty tempting though, I'm sure. Also, what pretty dishcloths!


Oh that's such a pretty sweater. Lily will love it! Ros


so did you do it? where are the pictures?
you dishcloth repertoire is always impressive! any idea how many you've actually made in your life?


sweater sleeves are. the. worst.


Lovely work on all of the above :)

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