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March 13, 2013


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Super cute wreath and ballerina / cat helper!


what a perfect project for spring!!
you two make a perfect crafty team!
(and i love the new color of the door)


So cute! I used to do those sort of crafts with my kids...their favorite was the glitter glue. I love the last picture with Sabrina showing off her talent!! :=)


well first of all, that Sabrina of yours is just so gorgeous! the sunshine on her sweet wispy hair-- sigh!
secondly, what an adorable spring project! i love the paint swatch crafts, very clever!
we are having yet more snow today. normally i am snow and winter's number one fan but being able to take the baby to the park and nurse on the benches would be just too wonderful. bring on the spring!!


This is such a great idea to have little hands be involved with crafting....I am indeed inspired!

And yes, SO ready for spring it's ridiculous!!!


What a clever idea to use the paint sample cards!! Love the inner cat channeling!! I am more than ready for spring, but winter keeps popping back with an icy blast!


awww...she's already a crafter! i love the leotard :)


I can't believe I saw pictures of her when she was born and now! Super cute!

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