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April 02, 2013


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You are a dishcloth machine!
These are all so awesome. I love your color combinations.


Beautiful. I always know I'm going to be in for a visual treat whenever you post photos of your cheery dishcloths!


The diamond pattern really pops on the sent swap cloth! The coloring reminds me of Moroccan tile.


You're the dishcloth queen!!! Beautiful! beautiful! Ros


Have been so busy recently so sorry for not commenting earlier. I love the flowers you crochet. And the jumper for Lily was amazing! And these dishcloths are amazing. You're amazing!
I will have to update my blog soon! xx


i love how you let your color just go wild on dishcloths :)


They all look awesome! What a fun swap! Maybe I should look into a dishcloth swap... My amigurumi group (freshstitches) on Ravelry is about to start our third swap! I'm so excited!


oooh i think i have a new favorite dishcloth! that checkered one is awesome, especially in the colors you chose. love it!


how frequent are your dishcloth urges? once a month? i wonder if you should ask someone about that...

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