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April 18, 2013


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So cool. I absolutely love this. :)


More snow? Is that usual? I planted lettuce two days ago :)

Love your knitting and spinning. Lovely.


That handspun is gorgeous! I can't wait to see it worked up. And that blanket! Wow! I can barely handle a blanket with worsted weight--is that fingering?

I saw the snow headed toward you when I checked the radar for Ohio (I like to zoom out so I can see the whole storm). Still just rain here! And obnoxious wind..


This snow is such a weird texture, I think it's alien snow!


So much beauty up there! Beautiful snow, beautiful spinning, and beautiful knitting. That cowl is going to be awesome.


I love the colors of that handspun! That is going to make a versatile cowl


Snow go away please! Your spinning is beautiful and I can't wait to see how your cowl turns out.


I thought you were hopefully when you called last week's snow - one last snow day. Just asking for trouble.


oooh the snow is sure making you take on some gorgeous indoor pursuits! that yarn you're spinning is just scrumptious! and i LOVE the handspun cowl you're working on. did you finish it?
(by the way, last sunday we went for a walk and along the way i somehow lost my cowl i made from your handspun (which i had to take off because i was wearing baby and he was eating it) i totally freaked out and was in absolute despair until my very kind husband got on his bike, retracked our walk and found my cowl! hooray!!)


soooo...i went to maryland sheep and wool festival and gushed over all of the fibers and wanted to buy all of it for you to spin and knit :) i really really wanted to walk around with you and eat lamb kabobs or lamb tacos or lamb burgers or some other lamb in a food stand type thing. miss you!


doh! i love your handspun in this post, too.

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