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May 11, 2013


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oh linds! it looks like you had just *the* perfect vacation!! i'm so glad you all enjoyed it!

and that last photo is by far my favorite!!


That looks magnificent. At home, I like a clean living room, a harry potter movie and some type of drink, time of day dependent. And any kind of trip knitting is a piece of nirvana because there is no guilt in spending hours knitting - I'm a huge fan of airplane knitting though that might change with the little one on the way!


Seriously, how did you get the yarn to match the water so exquisitely?
My nirvana is to be on a cabin porch overlooking a very wooded ravine. I don't know if this place exists...but I'm calm just thinking of it.
Oh, and a hot cup of Earl Grey....can't forget him!


I just love the colours in the last photo - just perfect!


It all looks beautiful! That yarn is just gorgeous!


Oooh it looks like nirvana indeed!!! I am so thrilled for you that you got to enjoy such a wonderful and well deserved getaway!

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