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May 14, 2013


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Well I like surprises so count me in!!


That dishcloth is beautiful! And what a sweet idea. Count me in! :)


Oooh, such fun!! And that dishcloth is so pretty! Send the pattern my way when you find it. :)


Your posts are always worth reading Melissa (as I think I've told you before)so I'm glad I called in today! A surprise is worth twice the fun...


Love those keychains...too cute! :=)


You know I love a prize!


Mystery giveaways - the best! I love kate's clothes because they are so soft. I use mine as a wash cloth instead of a dishcloth. :)


Oooh! We won something?! And they are so lovely! I feel like such a lucky duck!


You NEED to let me know who gets which keychain!
I'm really happy you liked them and thrilled you solved my mystery!

Congrats on the Canada loot.
I love the cloth colors and the heron photo is beautiful!

Speaking of Herons:

This heron at Cornell is birthin' some babies!


Hurray! I am entering to win your first giveaway! Yay - a giveaway :) A surprise 2!

Congrats on your recent wins. Doesn't this come in three's?? Did you buy a Powerball ticket? When you win, you must fly out west ;)

Love Kate's bright dishcloth & son's Heron pic!


thanks for the heads up, my dear. i love surprises!


Ooh how fun!! I hope my Kohles powers kick in and I win!! :) I love surprises!

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