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June 02, 2013


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What a fun swap to be a part of! Dish cloths of the world unite!!


I love dishcloths. Tbe boys and I knit all of ours. They are quite plain but different colours. Last Christmas one of my knitting groups knitted loads to use as flannels for the Christmas shoebox appeal. We had great fun doing different designs.


They're both gorgeous! Your dishcloths always look so fantastic!


these dishcloth swaps are so much fun! i'd love to take a peek at your entire dishcloth collection. how many do you have? fun that you have some from all over!


I second cmv, I want to see you whole dishcloth arsenal.


Dishcloth arsenal, as a phrase, is really sticking with me.
I think Dishcloth Arsenal needs to become a movement or revolution!

Cute portcullis cloth, loving the colors!
Was the cloth received actually from Holland? super cool!


I wonder if the person that received that beauty knew that it was from the dish cloth queen?!


I'm so amazed that you do multi color dishclothes. they are my mindless projects so doing colors is beyond me. The one you received looks like beehive - it's a little fiddly but makes for a super absorbent cloth.


i like that new dishcloth pattern!

and, can i add, that i'm sorry i'm a bad friend. i would pop over here and comment more often if comment verify i'm-not-a-robot thingie wasn't such a PITA. i think yours in particular doesn't like me and i just want to argue with it. "really, i'm melissa's friend." "seriously, i am. stop harassing me." etc...

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