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July 09, 2013


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brilliant! You should show her Joli House (jolihouse.com) website... she might find some inspiration for designs of her own! Young minds, not set in rules yet can create really new or edgy stuff! Like the reversible Middleton sweater!


That is brilliant! I love how the edging looks. Well done Lily!


Wow! That's a great idea! I'm going to have to remember this one. I was thinking possibly a granny square blanket for one of my friend's baby-on-the-way, but she requested no holes for little fingers to get caught in... I started a knit blanket for her, but I might change my mind. I'm still thinking about possibly making solid granny squares.


Yeh! for Lily. Some of "my" best ideas have been inspired by one of the children. They are never leaving home.


Well I think you make a great pair!


Beautiful. What lovely rustic colours. I love getting my childrens opinions , always totally honest!


That girl of your is endlessly clever! And her mama is endlessly talented! Beautiful!


She IS genius!!
and you are fabulous!
So much love to you both.


brilliant is absolutely right! it looks great!


Lily....chose wisely.
I LOVE how soft this looks!


that is the cutest edging ever! you two are a brilliant team.

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