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August 12, 2013


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Mary deB

I do twitter but not instagram. So if you tweet that you have a photo on instagram, then I would see it. I'm squaremary on twitter.


I'm "shemakeshats" on instagram -- heading off to add you now!


No instagram or twitter for me. I only got back on Facebook this spring, as the 13-year-old wanted to be on it.


I don't have a smartphone (yet!). But as soon as Apple puts out the new iPhone.... I'll make sure I let you know what my instagram username is! I'll jump on Twitter then too (or that's the plan at least).


I tried to set up Instragram....and failed. I'm on Twitter, so I can see your photos if you tweet, too. I'm CherylInTheUK on Twitter.


too much for me... I just stick to blogs, email and facebook. i can barely keep up with that.


Ha ha! Yes, Instagram is fun. I don't have time to remember to use it very often though. Love the pics of puss and Lily on the horse. Ros


I'll add you if you add me! I'm stormcoast.


I'm not on Instagram, my blog is enough of a distraction! Peapod would look gorgeous whichever decade he lived in!


I tell you, I was already enjoying your photos on the blog. These are delightful! The cat warms the cockles of my heart. Squishy!!


I love instagram. I need to remember to use it more!
Love the "Walden" filter.
PS: Just put a request in to follow you. ;D


Dude! I'm totally on Instagram! I'll follow you as soon as I get back to my phone!



i'm so glad you joined IG. it makes me happy to see little peeks of you and your life on a more regular basis.
(though an argument could be made that i could keep up on blog reading and see posts by you on a regular basis...but that sounds like a lot of work.)

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