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August 07, 2013


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I love your improvements! Excellent job!


You've done a beautiful job! I love the cat scout patch. You are going to love this new bag of yours for many years to come. Sort of like a good wine, improving w age :)

Wtg Lindsey, nice job!


That's such a nice bag! It'll be great as a project bag! That cat patch is really neat too.


Lovely bag! I really dig the colors!
So...what did you have to do to earn such a killer badge?
Is it the Stretch like a Cat Badge?
I'm up for earning that one!


awww it is definitely cute! love it!


That cat looks just like one of my old cats. Your bag looks beautiful and I'm sure you'll use it tons!


that patch is the bomb. i have some handmade embroidered merit badge examples pinned that i desperately want to find time to reinvent. maybe when you visit we can dream up merit badges for skills like the number of hours one can sit still and stitch or maybe a hollandaise sauce consumption badge. speaking of which, i need to find some decent hollandaise sauce here. maybe *that* is why i haven't been all that happy here in MD! my hollandaise stores are frightfully low. and i've been daydreaming about La Crosse and the irish pub with the amazing gravy...and daydreamin' the Welch--they say it is clean like grandma's (but it smells like grandma's, too).

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