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September 03, 2013


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I'm at your service, m'lady!
(bows head)

That is seriously the softest yarn EVER!
I hope the needles are up to the challenge.


Wow, that yarn is gorgeous!! I'm glad you were able to find the needles you need. I love when my needles (or hook!) match my project! Stitch markers too-I'm always trying to match!


So glad you got your groove back!


Isn't it so nice when you get your mojo back!?!? That's lovely yarn, and if that's a picture of the pattern you're working on, that's going to be gorgeous!!!


ooh that yarn is scrumptious! and the pattern looks so fun- are you knitting it for yourself? gorgeous!


Oooooo, yarn and matching needles! I can't wait to see you work it up. Enjoy your knitting!


Co-ordinated needles and yarn?! That's a new one on me! Can't wait to see a modelled shot!


Love the combination of yarn and needles. The yarn looks very squishable.


you are lucky to have knitting friends to hang out with. i just found out that one of my sewing friends knits, but she still lives a half hour away. with 3 kids and another on the way, it makes it tough to see her just to sew and chat about fabric let alone dragging knitting into it :) (gotta find more knitting friends because that's how i met melissa and she's pretty cool...)

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