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October 23, 2013


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Oh look at those fluffy kitty paws!!! I have no idea what else this post was about, I'm too busy loving on the fluffball.....


Oh, I love the paws! (ha! just read Kate's comments... too funny, and I agree!) Did your Mom knit the sweater she's wearing?


She's adorable trouble!! I can't wait to see the finished costume!!


Ha! You can always rely on a cat to lend a paw!!! Great stuff!


As excited as I am to see Lily's costume come together. I loved the matching cat and fabric photos :)


She is adorable. How could you possibly not want her around. I can see that she may be delaying the whole outfit making, but what a nice delay.


Josiekitten FTW! Love that "lend a paw"!!!
I'm really pumped to see the progress on old Gandy.
That kitten is just a fool of a Took!


She's so adorable! And she looks so soft!


Your mom is so cute! So is your cat.
I'm excited to see Lily modeling her costume!


oh merp right back at her. she just needs a good snuggle!


I'm glad your mom helped you with the cape and that Peapod could make you smile. You could use a little more smiling when there is a sewing machine in front of you :)

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