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November 15, 2013


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That blanket is as beautiful as you are generous!! Fluff it up sister! :)


what a great blanket for the babies. did i tell you that you and your crochet are famous?


at least 3 bee members took pics of me doing that talk and posted them and i look like a dufus in every one. but i just made two proposals to teach workshops at a retreat :)


I love it! It looks so super soft!


It is so fluffy!!!
Absolutely beautiful. I want to snuggle it up almost as much as I want to snuggle you.


You are the super blanket maker, all kinds of blankets. SO impressive, I love how you put colors together in your yarn and fabrics. :)


ooooh that's so beautiful! i love the colors you used and the fluff just makes it extra snuggle worthy. love it!


Fluffernutter awesomesaucedness!

You are a most generous and lovely person!

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