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November 08, 2013


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Glad you managed to meet up with Melinda. I can't wait to see a photo of your finished quilt!


Your quilt is looking very lovely! Sounds like a great time was had! ROs


oh it sounds like an absolutely ideal and wonderful and perfect meetup! so so glad you two were able to get together! love to you both!


Looks like an awesome visit! You are a cute weasel.
And Melinda is hilarious. I forsee quoting her "are you trying to pout at me?!" a lot.


Sounds like an awesome time!! What fun!


you are not a sloppy, crappy or slow sewist. i probably was a control freak. or i didn't want to flounder with counting my knitting when i could work on finishing your quilt and chat at the same time with more ease. i'm so happy that you and Henry could bond over music and that you got the chance to meet Ben and see where we live now. i have so much more to show you here but i think we hit some of the high points. thanks for tolerating the tour of my stash and for taking some home. why did i feel the need to drag it all out? i'm a dork. but i'm a dork that lives with boys and knows barely any knitters, so you caught the brunt of my neuroses. i know that you finished the quilt but i skipped past that post so i could go in writing order (dork) so i have to rush off and read that. xoxo, come and visit again soon!


This is great in every way.
I'm so happy for you that it worked out (perfectly) you got to go visit her...
Also that you called yourself a "weasel".
Weasels are crafty too!

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