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November 11, 2013


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Gorgeous gorgeousness!!!
Congratulations on the quilt.
-Did you really hand stitch the binding? I am impressed!


I am speechless, it's beautiful! So glad the cats have given it the paws up too!


This is beautiful!! Someday I'm going to adventure into quilting... But it seems rather daunting!


This quilt is amazingly lovely! I'm glad Melinda made you stick to your guns and finish it! I simply have to visit so I can snuggle up in it by your fireplace!


you did a great job on finishing the binding. your stitches look fantastic! and it seems that the kitties like it as much as you do, so that speaks well of it. now, can you get out your embroidery and make a label for it with your name and the year? you have the skills now to handstitch it on :) and if you don't want to embroider it, you can use a micron pen and mark your name and the year and iron the ink to set it. THEN your quilt is done.


hip hip hooray!!!!
it looks just perfect! wowza i'm impressed! you're amazing!


You are my quilty novice hero!
I've never made the quilting plunge other than the odd mug rug.

I bow down to your amazingness!


Three cheers for you! Your quilt is beautiful, but so much more for all the friendship that has been put into it. Here's to the next quilt!

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