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January 07, 2014


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How kind. They are all very colorful x I'm sure they'll be appreciated x


You are always spreading your generous spirit…one of the many reasons I love you! I'm sure the girls had a blast making them too :)


Melissa this is wonderful. You bring a smile to my day and colour into my grey!
(Hope you are staying warm out there in the frigid winter. Makes me, almost, feel guilty living out here on the rain coast....)


What a great idea. Kids have so much these days, it's good for them to think of others less fortunate than themselves, especially at this time of year. Those blankets are wonderful. I bet they felt proud of themselves!


Very cool, they turned out beautifully.


Oh my word. These blankets are just the sweetest things. What a great idea!!! Ros


Oh your warm and fuzzies make me all warm and fuzzy. How wonderful of you to share your generous nature with your girl scouts. Just think of how lucky all these babies are.


Just such a great idea. Lovely spirit to make and give. They look so pretty all piled up too. Tough to let go of them, I'm sure!

Happy New Year!

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