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January 29, 2014


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So pretty!! Totally Valentine's Day colours :)


shooot so close, second!

Anna Pradad

Gorgeous colours Melissa. I bet your aunt will love it.

Mary deB

I read that as a *bowl* of snuggles at first. Oh my. Your cowl of snuggles looks lovely and soft and warm!


Fifth...oh well, at least I got to look at your beautiful one. I'll have to save that pattern


Beautiful colors, I'm sure she'll love it x


chinchilla tails? cloud of kittens? i'm sold! sounds absolutely amazing!!! plus it's gorgeous! what a lucky aunt you have!


I am never early so it's fitting I didn't see this first ;) The cowl turned out amazingly beautiful! Now excuse me while I go to search for a buttery cloud of kittens covered in dandelion fluff to sit on! :)


That cowl does look beautifully soft, I hope your aunt loves it!


Hilarious!! Love the cowl!

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