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January 21, 2014


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Your mitts are MITT-TASTIC!
Too bad she kept a tight grip on 'em otherwise I might've swiped me some cool FLW stuff!

Did you catch Hilary's leading a book club with Frank as the subject?


Those mittens are awesome - you are so talented! I have something to aspire to as a knitter. :)


Those mitts are amazing! Love the design!


Those mitts are beautiful. I love the mix of greens in the yarn.


You are rather brilliant, my dear. Even if you do love squirrels ;-)


Melissa they are amazing mitts and doing a wonderful job of keeping my hands warm right now.

Anna Pradad

Gorgeous mittens. You are so clever!


Gorgeous Mitts!! Such a fabulous idea for a swap, using a questionnaire. Can't wait to see the finished squirrel. :)


Oh gosh, so much creativity! I can't believe you designed such beautiful mitts. Of course she loved them! And that squirrel! Oh my, how talented. You make me miss my knit group so much! *sniff*


those are BEAUTIFUL!! Really stunning. And you really captured Frank's essence.


what?!?! how ridiculously incredible are you?! you made up your own frank lloyd wright pattern? and they are gorgeous! you should totally write up and sell that pattern, it's amazing!

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