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February 12, 2014


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Knitting blanket squares and socks...reading Adventures in Yarn Farming by Barbara Parry. DO NOT READ if you've ever wanted to have your own sheep. Such gorgeous pictures, you will want to run away to your own sheep farm halfwy through the book!


I am knitting another Puerperium cardigan (amongst other things!), trying also to get back to some regular spinning, and reading The Husband's Secret by Liane Moriarty. Trouble is, I seem to be going to bed later and later, and only manage a page or so before nodding off!

Mary deB

I have 3 Olympic projects. Two are WIPs and a new hat. Sometimes I think I'll make it in the time allotted and sometimes I don't!
Am reading a book called Dissident Gardens by Jonathan Lethem. A bit slow to start but the characters are intriguing and the multi-generation story hums along.
None of my knitting matches the book, though!


I'm knitting a cardigan for one of my friends, she has eleven children and two of them have birthdays in March, so one nearly down and another one to go!


Those mittens are really lovely.
I'm afraid I've lost some knitting steam. Right now, I'm trying to finish up the last clue of the Follow Your Arrow Mystery KAL. Maybe since I know there isn't another clue coming on Monday, I'm not managing my time as well...

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