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March 07, 2014


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Oh I love your smile! I'm so glad that you made something you liked with it and that you like the final product. I'd never have thought of making a short sleeved sweater but I like how you can layer it with the fitted top.

As for body image issues! Man couldn't most of us talk a good long time about that! But I'd rather talk about knitting! lol. :)


Oh, and i"m alternating skeins for the first time on a sweater right now. It's not as hard as I thought (mostly because I'm traveling the yarn so I won't have ends to weave in) but it does take a little more time and the project is a little more awkward. I'm liking the result though so I think I'll do it again in the future. xxx


I am planning on knitting a short sleeved sweater too, useful for when it starts to get warmer. I think your sweater looks fabulous. I am like you and always pick sizes that are too big! You look great!


You are gorgeous inside and out.
And your sweater is lovely too. The cable is great and I love the hand warmer thingie.


Just in time for spring, a lovely green sweater!


You are beautiful and I love love love the greens!! Kaia was looking over my shoulder and she said, "Wow did Aunt Melissa make that sweater?! It's really cool! Does it have pockets?! She can knit pockets?! She's the best knitter ever..."


Well I think you look gorgeous and snuggly and perfect! Love the sweater, those pockets are awesome. But most of all I love YOU and the beauty you radiate.

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