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March 31, 2014


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I have missed your enthusiasm!
Love the last pic. And a planetarium and an art institute? Jealous just a little!


The Home Alone house???? Awesome!.....so great knits too.


I wondered why things had been so quiet at the sandwich!! Looks like your break was loads of fun! Looking forward to seeing Lily's blanket! Hope the cats approve of it too!


Ooooooh you have such good taste in yarn! I can't even say which one I like better, they are both totally scrumptious. So glad you had such a fabulous spring break (though if course we'd rather that you were here), I can't believe Brian agreed to a two hour detour for the Home Alone house. What a husband! Bu I always thought it was in Whitefish Bay- where is it?


Love the fingerless mitts! Great colour! Your trip looked great fun!!! Ros


You guys are so cute, it looks like you had a great spring break!
And looks like you were a knitting fiend the whole time too.

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