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April 25, 2014


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Hey, new look on the blog, nice!

So glad to hear I'm not the only one who can't do random. I don't really believe that all these stunning creations are pull it out of the bag random - or maybe we just suck up all the crappy random colour combos? My random never looks all nice and flowing. I also always end up rejecting and re-choosing :)

The blanket is awesome!


That's crazy. I love you dear.


Um, that is not the duplicate I noticed! What about the black centre, green and then red ones? Keep them, don't freak out... unless you want to. How can you do so many and not repeat?


I feel the neurotic need to comment publicaly and say that those are not duplicates! One is pink and one is orange!
It's just bad lighting!! :)


Oh but Melissa, no matter whether there are duplicates or not, it looks great! I love all the colour combinations!


Loving the new look blog. It's great! Also loving that beautiful hexi blankie. The colour scheme is really gorgeous.... repeats or no repeats! ;-)


Random is difficult to do. I don't think you can fight repeats. Even random has repeats in it. It is a lovely blanket. You are so clever!


You see, this is why I love you so. I'm so neurotic that it keeps me from even working on my blankie at all. For those silly little tiny squares it usually take me 3 times longer to decide which color should go there then it actually takes to knit the square. If only I had your brilliantly organized mathematical brain to come up with a chart! Genius!
I so get you. And I so love you!

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