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May 25, 2014


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What a stunning blanket and your niece looks thrilled with it!

Anna Prasad

Gorgeous and what a happy recipient.


What a special gift for a special little girl! Love the photos!


Looks like she likes it! It certainly is gorgeous x


i love this - i love the amount of turquoise - gorgeous. like your beautiful niece!!!


The blanket is stunning and Kai was absolutely thrilled and has slept with her new blankie every night since. :) My kids are lucky to have such an adoring Auntie! Love you!


This is gorgeous melissa! as often is the case, you've put together some colors that i never would have considered and churned out something amazing. the turquoise...it brings it all together. personally...i think she appreciates the blanket and the aunt more now than if she had received it as a baby...just look at the joy in those photos!


Beautiful!! I think she loves it and it was definitely worth the wait!


This is a very beautiful blanket and Kai is a very cute 8year old! Ros


Once again, you have made crocheting look fabulous. I love the colours. The blue/turquoise makes it so modern. Your niece is gorgeous too. I love the smile!

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