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June 01, 2014


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So fricking cute! Awesome!

Anna Prasad

Perfect and such a lovely gift.


You do come up with the most amazing and thoughtful gifts for your friends! Lucky them is all I can say!!


that is absolutely beautiful! How do you even do the loopy loop lettering embroidery? Very very cool!


Unique and just right. What a fabulous idea. (and your stitches stand up to the close-up :) )


Oh that's just the most original and perfect present. Lovely! Ros


it's funny that 'we' stress over gifts to crafty friends more than to non-crafty friends...when I think that those who do crafts know just how much time, energy, and love went into the gift and so will appreciate and love it no matter if it is 'not really', 'practically', or 'actually' perfect. Yours, my friend, always fall into the latter category and I have no doubt it was very well received. (john LOVES Mary Poppins...I always laugh when I think of that)

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