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June 11, 2014


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Hey, as soon as I saw the cover I grinned! I'm always so nervous when someone reads a book I reviewed, as I know reading is so subjective. Glad you have enjoyed it for the most part.

I'm reading The Woman Upstairs right now. Good, not spectacular. Just finished The Art Forger, same response. And am working my way through the Outlander series, just for ridiculous fun. Knitting the same three things still, a scrap blanket (deadline July 18, but it is getting hot to work on it), fingerless mitts and socks.


Reading The Changeling by Robin Jenkins. So far so good. It's about a school teacher who takes a boy from the slums of Glasgow on his family holiday with him. Is something bad going to happen??
Knitting a blanket, kind of knitting along with a Rowan KAL, mostly making it up as I go along!


You are the crocheting queen! I like what you and Vanna have done there :) I'm just getting started with a guilty pleasure/light/fluffy read Emily Giffin's The One & Only....I'm not currently knitting but instead spending my "free" time sorting the gobs of photos I recently ordered into albums. I did however teach our neighbor girl to knit and you'll be proud to hear she is working on a dish cloth!

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