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July 10, 2014


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Would have loved to visit at that lake with you....

And that blanket! Oh it is a thing of beauty!!


There are no words for how fantastic this blanket already is!!!! I did take a moment to appreciate the subtle shades of the yarn, I was not bored. :)
Seriously, this blanket is going to be amazing.


Glad you had a lovely time! The blankie is going to be amazing. Love the colour choices. Look forward to seeing the 'finished' shots! Ros


Hooray for blankie!!!
I love those fanciful angles! Gorgeous subtle shading.
Your weekend looks wonderful and calming and absolutely perfect.


If the photos don't do the trip justice, I don't know what to say ... it looks beautiful and amazing. I would love to bbq and knit at that lakeside in that light. I love the photos, they capture summer for sure. Your blanket is beautiful too, I love the tonal shades in the "solid" squares, it's going to be a great finish. I like hearing stories of projects that "come back to life" after various stages and years of neglect. Makes me think I have a few projects I might actually resurrect one day as well. :)


Your time away looks like it was perfect for recharging your batteries. Yay you for getting back on track with your sock blankie too!

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