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October 23, 2014


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Anna Prasad

So nice...I especially love the knitting photo.


Looks like you had fantastic weather for your trip!

KnitNurd (Debbie)

What a lovely place where Claire lives, and how fun that you got to have some knitting time together as well!!!


I just moved to markt Schwaben about a month ago, the world is such a small place! Glad you enjoyed this part of the world. I would love to get back to MN someday for a visit, it has been about 11 years now.


So glad you were able to spend some time with Claire and her family. Makes me want too take another trip to Germany.


Wonderful, just wonderful!!
I love you both so much!


Your pictures make our village looks so inviting!

It was an ABSOLUTE joy and honor and pleasure and treasure to have you three here. We are still relishing in happy memories of our time together. Mateo keeps talking about his "new friends." Thanks a million for coming and please come back again and again and again!
LOVE you three!!!

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