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October 26, 2014


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I love that you and Anna managed to meet up! It makes the blogging world a very small place! Did you bring back any woolly souvenirs with you?!


That rainbow yarn is simply fantastic and the lovely photos of your finished cowl have lit the fire to get my butt in gear and finish mine! Can I whine that it was pushing 80 here a couple days ago??? Where is fall!?


I have truly enjoyed all of your photos!!! Thank you for sharing your trip with us!

Anna Prasad

Oh Melissa, we had a such a great time meeting up with you. Luke keeps talking about Lily and what he did with her :-). I agree, it felt like it wasn't our first real life meeting. x


First of all, your cowl looks totally scrumptious! Mmmm I want to try it on!
Secondly, how wonderful that you had such a great meet up with Anna- I can't believe how big Luke is already!
And lastly, you are totally making me wish I'd bought some of that rainbow roving- wowza is that gorgeous! And I think Mateo just might need a pointy grey hat this year...

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