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December 05, 2014


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Lily is amazing! It must come from having such an amazingly creative Mum like you!! Lucky girl!

Anna Prasad

Oh I love it, that is the sweetest thing!


Looks like Lily has a wonderful role model and a very loving mom!!! She is on her way to being as resourceful as Laura Ingalls and her mom was/is! I can't wait to see the finished dolls with their new outfits!!!
Merry Christmas to you, Lily, Laura and Mary! :)


This is wonderful! She's really creative :-)


Oh you two sure know how to make a girl feel warm and fuzzy. You two are the best, most generous and creative and clever and wonderful mother-daughter team ever! I just adore that drawing Lily made of her measurements. What a fabulous project for you two!


You two are adorable! I love everything about this project.


Isn't it astounding watching your child become their own fiercely awesome person? She is a person I would want to know.

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