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December 01, 2014


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What a fantastic party! I love all the things you made for it, it looks like it was so much fun! Just brilliant!


Ha ha! Love it! What a wonderful way to celebrate a VERY special birthday. Ros


Did you also celebrate her 100th birthday... that must have been a year and a half ago, though... 100 months = 8 years 4 months.
Never thought of doing 9 3/4! And it's too late now.
{thinks of friends' younger children...}


Hands down the best birthday party ever! What an fantastic memory she will have. Bravo!


This is absolutely awesome. So many great ideas. Totally tickled by Moaning Myrtle and the brick wall. Wonderful. Hope she had a wonderful time. Invite us next time!!!!


That is fantastic!!
What an awesome party, I love the invitations and photo booth and decorations and well everything really. Happy happy 9 and 3/4 to dear lily!


Just when you think she can't get any more clever or creative or thoughtful or amazing.... This has to be THE most fabulous and incredible birthday party ever! Love every detail and every costume. You've made memories for a lifetime for sure.


You are amazing. I think I want to be your kid.


I was just going to comment once today so as not to be pulled down the blog hole when I have so many things that need to be done. But I couldn't pass this one up. You and your family amaze me...do you know how awesome you are?

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