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January 24, 2015


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hooray!!!! this makes me happier than i can ever say!!!! (and really, after all the projects you've "encouraged" me to start this only seems fair) i love the white edging your doing - it's gorgeous!!

now we just have to get lindsey signed up, wouldn't that be fun to compare our colder climates with a houston blanket?!? *Lindsey*!!! we're coming for you!!! :)

Anna Prasad

Gorgeous! That yarn parcel and those colours, lovely!


I cannot wait to see how both your blankets look. And you are right, Lindsey definitely needs to make one too!


Can't wait to see them all finished, including Lindsey's!!!!!


Mine would totally be orange and yellow and red.
(yes, it was in the 70s today)
must not succumb....

But seriously, your is awesome! Love it.


Love this! It's such a great idea. Looking forward to seeing the finished blanket! Ros


Yeah, Melissa can be quite the enabler can't she? Sometimes I love her for it and sometimes I cuss her for it! ;) Like you, I was drawn to this project too but since I do not know (yet) how to crochet, it will have to get delayed until next year (assuming, of course, that I can actually learn to crochet by then -- it's on the list). In the meantime, I'm going to love seeing the two of yours grow across the year!

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