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January 13, 2015


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This is so fun! How adventurous of you to let go a little! :) I complete relate to those neurotic tendencies....we are related after all. Ha! I can't wait to see updates!


This is so cool! I'm tempted to start one (next year...)


Oh how fun!!! I'm so tempted!!


We'll have to compare notes as the year goes by. It's fun to pay so much attention to the temps. Is your inside colour the low and outside the high?


This is lovely! I've seen a similar idea in scarf form, knitting yellow or blue for sunny days, grey for cloudy, etc. It's going to be gorgeous.


Oh my goodness! This has to be the coolest idea EVER! I'm totally in love with it! Ooh I want to make one too! This is going to be so gorgeously amazing! What fun!!


I've been sort of lukewarm (he he) when I've seen the scarves with the weather. But this blanket is awesome. I love how the one you linked to had the blues on the ends and the orange/reds in the center. It's beautiful! And yes...it's good to embrace the random. Something I need to work at a bit harder! One question though...how long does it take you to crochet each square and seam it to the others? Just trying to gauge a time/day for this project (for the future!).


My comment was going to be along the same lines as Rachel's, so I'll just say Cool!! And stay warm :)


I love this idea. I've seen the sky blankets and the scarf elsewhere and my weather obsession (hey. I am a Brit) makes me want to do one of these projects. I just know that I would get so hung up deciding whether I should be using one colour or another, if it was borderline, that I would fail. I shall enjoy watching your blanket grow. Love that video too. Seen so many take-offs, which shows how good it is.


Ha! What great idea! Look forward to seeing the finished blanket sometime in the future! Ros


Very cool! I'm excited to see the progression through out the year!


I love this idea Melissa. I shall follow yours with interest and perhaps store it away as a thought for next year!

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