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February 16, 2015


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Omg, the lint hamster!!! LOL I couldn't stop laughing. I think I've just found my next idea for Christmas presents this year. I better get a big container to start collecting! You made my day with that.
You better start collecting ball bats next to the front door. Lily is growing into such a beautiful young lady and it won't be long before the boys come calling. Yikes!!! Oh, and the tam is lovely!


Almost forgot.... Happy birthday!!! I hope you have an amazing day!!


The slouchy hat turned out beautifully. I love those Ysolda patterns.
And how funny is your lint hamster?! I'm almost sups rises it's not made out of cat hair though. :)
Your haul from the swap is AWESOME!!! How lucky you are to have such talented friends that know you so well. I can't get over that map- amazing!


What a fun swap! Another thumbs up for the lint monster too, it really made me laugh!


I love it! What a great swap!

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