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April 21, 2015


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Your post shows why we make things for others perfectly. Beautiful gifts and so obviously appreciated.

Anna Prasad

Aw and we LOVE the blanket. Thank you so much! That cow and that video of the cow and Mateo...just amazing!

KnitNurd (Debbie)

Oh. My. Stars!!! There are some people you knit/crochet gifts for, and you swear you will never do it again...and then there are those that make you want to do it over and over again. Those are two recipients that fall into the latter category for sure!
Those videos are just priceless!!!


No- thank YOU for the absolute best, most thoughtful and amazing gifts! You and Lily are the perfect team, the most wonderfully thoughtful gifters and now not only I know it but the next generation does too! Mateo adores his book and his cow, he's got the whole thing memorized and is even making up his own next chapters. :)


Brilliant!!!! She has a big future ahead of her! :-) Lovely blanket too!!!! Ross


Absolutely adorable!!
What amazing gifts and awesome recipients!!
You two are the cutest!!


So many wonderful things about this post...it makes it all worth it doesn't it? and wow...what an awesome set of gifts for mateo...curious where you got that book made up?

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