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May 03, 2015


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oh your weather blanket is so beautiful! i love love love the white borders!
and 12 matching blocks in a row! wowza! your weather is definitely more stable than mine!

oooooooh!!! your new blanket project is perfection!! i love all your pre-planning, it's the right way to do things, my inner neurotic crafter is so pleased by all your charts.

yay for you and crochet! a perfect match!


the weather blanket looks so great...and so different from melissa's which is what makes that pattern so interesting to me! and i'm so pleased to hear that you are making a blanket for yourself (though the fact that you have 2 blankets on the needles at once is a bit mind-blowing to me!). i LOVE your graphing and charting...maybe because it is all so familiar? ;) I can already tell it will be gorgeous blanket and can't wait to see the progress you'll be making.

Now...must. learn. crochet. seriously.


I love both these blankets, it's fun to compare yours with Melissa's, and the circle one is gorgeous too! Happy hooking!


Beautiful blankets! Of course even the weather is orderly in Germany, that cracks me up.

I absolutely love the explosion of colors in your circle blanket. That is going to be awesome.

As for what I'm recently hooked on I'd have to say quilting. My mom is shocked and bewildered by my obsession and honestly so am I. But I love it.

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