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May 13, 2015


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I absolutely love the colors on that bib! Such lovely contrast. I myself not a huge fan of deus ex machina endings. Some authors who are great writers and not terribly good story tellers, and others are good story tellers and less-than-wonderful writers. At the end of the day, there are so many writers who are very good in both categories, it doesn't seem worth it to me to invest much time in a book that accomplishes only one of those two objectives.

I'm actually reading a memoir at the moment: A Primate's Memoir by primatologist Robert Sapolsky, and it's wonderful! He tells of the drudgery and excitement of fieldwork in Kenya alongside stories of baboons. Back to knitting and reading. I'm eager to learn what your next book will be!


I am so impressed by the baby bib such lovely colour combination. I really must check out the pattern it is delightful.


A poor ending can leave me in a foul mood, muttering to myself about the nerve os some writers, etc etc. Drives me crazy to work all the way up to an ending only to have the writer blow it, or sometimes even worse, rush it. I've invested my time and emotion - make it worth my while!

Lovely bib!!


Great bib! I love the flower addition.
A bad ending to a book leaves me feeling confused. how did the author just let it fall apart, were they hitting the deadline?
I just finished Toni Morrison's latest book and felt like it was just ok. Maybe my expectations were just too high?


Such beautiful colors in that bib and oh, the matching flower!

Bad endings certainly annoy me and I won't rate a book very highly if they occur. That said, I won't give up on an author if one of their books happens to have a bad ending...if multiple books do then yes, I'll move on to a different author.

Another thought though...I was listening to a podcast talking about ambiguous endings (rather different than what you are referring to I think) and one of the commenters said they love those kinds of endings where they can make up their own mind. The other commenter hated those endings...so it just makes me wonder what is a bad ending and just how much that definition varies across folks or even within folks. Interesting...


No. A bad ending just ruins it. I'd rather a bad beginning, then I can waste no more time reading it. Although would probably skip to the end to see if it improves before I ditch.
Your bib, on the other hand, is sweet. I bet they loved receiving it.

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