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June 02, 2015


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I keep cutting my cool greens and then needing them the next week. Very up and down. I think now we are having "seasonal" temperatures, but we started May off with some super highs.


Does this mean I'm going to need sunglasses to view your posts from now on? I love the effect of the temperature on your blanket. So organic. You'll be proud on me. You have inspired me. Crochet yarn and a new hooky needle have just arrived through the post today. I am going to make my first crochet project. Wish me luck.

Anna Prasad

It's looking gorgeous Melissa! X


This is going to be such a beautiful record of 2015, it has so much joy emanating from it already. It's getting warmer here, hoping to have our first bbq over the weekend.


Love how this is turning out! :-) Rosx


this is looking so great! i love the mix of colors even though you and I are similar with respect to the whole 'random' concept. if I can figure out how to crochet before january, maybe i'll start one of these next year...and to add more random to it...maybe do the temps of where I actually am each day instead of my home town! ;)


Love this. We are already in a crazy heat situation out here, and way too dry. After a winter with no snow (ski hills all closed in January) I'm quite concerned with what the summer will bring.
Glad you're not getting overheated out there yet! You don't need a hot summer this year ;-)


wow, you're really getting warm over there! i've only got one orange square in may, but quite a few in june coming. must be getting pretty red over there by now-- what color comes after red?

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