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June 18, 2015


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This is amazing! I am always intrigued by quilting, but not enough to set aside time to learn it in this busy phase of life ... I really love the idea of a knitted quilt!

Anna Prasad

What a great idea, I lovw your colours too!


I am so excited to see how your quilt grows, block by block. You are so creative!


What a great post Melissa. I love hearing/reading about each person's unique creative process. i loved seeing your inspiration, your desire for simplicity, and how you are killing two birds with one stone to be cliche (scratching a creative itch and using it for the bundles of joy). Such a wonderful post.

And in answer to your question...yes I do get those creative ideas that must be acted on. Funnily enough, often I get them when I'm away from home when I can not act. So I journal the ideas and let them continue to percolate. Sometimes the itch is still there when I return home weeks or months later...sometimes not.


oooh this looks like so much fun! i love when i get that creative itch- there's nothing more exciting and reinvigorating. haven't felt that in a long time but i'm very glad to see the process in the works with you. and what an awesome and inspiring project it is! so will each block be completely different? such an exciting quilt to come!


What an awesome idea! I'm excited to see what you do this month.
Absolutely, I have all sorts of sketches in the margins of notebooks. Designs and color schemes that I can't move on from.

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