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July 12, 2015


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Oh, this is lovely! Is it a pre-written pattern, or did you improvise?

I am in the middle of sewing together a Family Tree Afghan for my son. It's been a longtime companion as well. :) I will be happy to see it on his bed (and probably everywhere else he goes), but I will also miss knitting those little leaves. (And I much prefer knitting to seaming ...)


Oh my goodness Linds!!! You're finished!!!
Congratulations !!!
It is beyond gorgeous!! I love love love it!!

(Can you sense my awe and excitement by my overuse of the punctuation?!?)

Seriously, you are amazing. This blanket is a work of art!


You did it??? You finished it??
You did it!!! And it's amazing!!! Beyond amazing!! You are and continue to be Melissa and my inspiration when it comes to staying faithful and finishing enormous undertakings of knitting projects- incredible! And what a project it is- my goodness it's HUGE! And out of sock yarn!! And gorgeous and fun and original besides! You truly are an inspiration and I'm sure blankie will continue to be a trusty companion for a lifetime!
You're absolutely amazing! Congrats!!


It's really beautiful Lindsey. Congratulations at getting it finished. No mean feat! I think you need to reward yourself with something knit in chunky yarn on very fat needles! Seeing your blanket makes me want to dig mine out of hibernation. I have a very few mitred squares knit and a gazillion oddments of sock yarn ready and waiting!


It's soooo lovely!!!


Such lovely blanket. It looks well worth the long time it took to complete! Beautiful! Ros x


Eeegads, it's huge and beautiful! Love it. A job well done, indeed. I love the couch lounging photo. Wrapped in love :)

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