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July 07, 2015


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I love your blanket, it gets more beautiful each time you post a photo. Have you had crochet binges where you've sat down and made loads of squares or have you been mega organised and made them daily?


Gorgeous!! I love how it is shaping up!!

Anna Prasad

What gorgeous colours, it's looking very lovely! The countdown is on for baby's arrival too! Xx

KnitNurd (Debbie)

Beautiful blanket!!!


This is coming together so nicely! Love your colour choices. And I agree on Thor over Ironman, which is funny as I don't usually go for the blonds...
Glad you haven't got crazy heat as yet. Thinking of you lots these days as you get closer!


this looks so great! i have to admit I may have giggled when I saw that you used pink to represent really hot. I don't know...Robert Downey Jr, now that he seems to be a bit reformed, strikes my fancy a bit more. ;)

I'm glad to hear the weather is cooperating with your pregnancy...hope you are doing well and know that I think of you often!

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