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August 01, 2015


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Both blanket and baby belly are gorgeous!!

Anna Prasad

Love the blanket, but love your gorgeous belly more. You are looking fantastic. Here is wishing you lots of strength for the next few days! X


Gorgeous blanket and you look amazing. Take care of yourself over the coming days. I look forward to hearing news of tiny feet soon. xxx


It's all looking good!


first of all- how gorgeous are you?!? so beautiful and so exciting!!
your blanket looks gorgeous- so vibrant and happy. we have no a/c over here so i couldn't deal very well with all that red though. and pink? forget it! we've had a pretty hot july as well, i am so looking forward to fall and going back into the green/blue zone!


Oh my goodness. Time has flown. You look amazing. (And the blanket too)Not long now. Although saying that, mine were all 2 weeks late. Eek! Exciting.


It is looking so great! I'm just going to ignore those 2 little pink squares... ;) And while I don't really know what to say about a person's belly ;), I will say that 'you' look so amazing. Happy to see your smiling face today as I catch up a bit on blog reading!


The blanket is brilliant! You're looking great too! Ros

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