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December 09, 2015


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What a sweet post, Melissa! The blanket is absolutely stunning and I am happy you decided to stay in knitting blogoland - what a magnificent place it is!


Well said! I love being in knitting blogland!

KnitNurd (Debbie)

You have inspired me to get back to my blog...maybe after the holidays though, when things are quite so hectic.
I love that blanket!!! It is so beautiful and fantastic!! Thank you for sticking around and sharing it with us! :)


First up the blanket is beautiful and I'm sure it will bring comfort.

Second, I'm so glad you haven't slipped away from here. I look over my list of blogs I follow in Feedly and still miss the inspirational people who haven't posted for 461 days or even 1672 days. (Feedly keeps notes).

I can't help wondering what happened and if they are OK, or just lost the will to blog. I am so glad that you have not joined that group. It is a community, spaced out over many miles. All sharing, inspiring and just being there. Your blanket is proof.


I feel the same way. It is a wonderful thing to be able to connect with like-minded people, and I would be too sad to lose touch with knitters I have "known" for so long. Whenever you like, if you post, we will read!


This is so beautiful, the message and the blanket. You are truly an inspiration. And I love you.


It was such a pleasure to be a part of this project. And I feel the same way - the connections I have made through blogging are important to me.
Your pictures of the blanket are beautiful!!

Anna Prasad

I am so glad you are still writing about your projects. Your post brought a tear to my eye. You are a beautiful friend and I am forever grateful to have met you through our blogs xxx


Wow that blanket is amazing! What a wonderful thing to do, and what a perfectly fitting and lovely post to showcase it in! I love you and feel very much as you do, so grateful for all the friendships and connections this blog has created.


It's taken me a long time to comment on this post. It seems anything I could say would be so inadequate.

First, I know just how amazing this blanket is firsthand but your pictures of it are pretty incredible! I still can't quite believe that the 3 of you did this for me...but I am grateful that you did. Last night, I felt myself starting to crash and I knew exactly what would make me feel better. I grabbed a book, a cup of tea and completely wrapped myself in those stitches on the couch.

Second, I have those feelings about walking away from the blogging world as well periodically... And I don't because of these friendships I've made. I couldn't have said it any better than you did here. It seems that most folks are moving toward other forms of social media besides blogs and in every case, these sites just don't fit with my lifestyle (I kind of despise facebook, I don't have a smartphone so instagram is out, and as can be seen from my wordy comment, twitter just befuddles me!).

In short, I'm grateful for you and I'm glad you are staying in this space. I do disagree with you on one thing though...I feel certain that the 4 of us will meet up in real life at some point. ;)

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