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January 24, 2016


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Anna Prasad

Gorgeous! It's amazing how two projects that are essentially the same turn out completely different as you and Melissa are in different places.


I just love both the blanket and your cute little one! Both beautiful! Rosx


I love your blanket just as much as Melissa's! But I agree, those ends are very scary! Best to sit down with drink and plenty of chocolate to make inroads!


Wonderful blanket! The pic of all those ends and little man's face is brilliant. :)


Oh it's so so gorgeous!!!!
I'm glad Johan is already enjoying it!

I agree with the kitten- get a drink, chocolate, and I'd add a movie you've seen a million times and those ends will be done in no time!!

"You can do it!!"


Love the blanket and the test run. But oh my, those are a lot of ends!


I actually enjoy sewing in ends, and if I remember we dont live very far (Kreis Erding) Let me know I wouldnt mind finishing it for you....its beautiful!


I love that last picture. Johan looks like he is contemplating weaving those ends for you. Wouldn't that be awesome!?


Your blanket is so amazing...I love Melissa's too, but as soon as I see the white on yours, I'm really drawn to it. So pretty. When I start mine (you know...one day), I'll have a tough decision to make! And yes, those ends are making my eyes twitch -- I think you may need more than a movie for that...pick a series and go on autopilot!

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