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January 15, 2016


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I had forgotten all about this blanket Melissa! It is just fabulous! Can't wait to see how it ends up and what you decide for the border! It seems fitting that Miss Thora has already had a little test of its cosiness too!


It look fantastic!! So sweet to see that thora has already given it her stamp of approval.


I was thinking about yours today and wondering how your progress was going! I got derailed making gifts for other people and studying for multiple tests required for work. But today I made my list of what colors I need to stock up on--50 days this year with the high between 66 and 70, and 50 days where the low was in the same range--and now I can get the rest of my yarn and crochet away! Yours looks beautiful, and I can't wait to get mine going again. Ten years from now it's going to look pretty funny being the warmest year on history, but still fun!


It looks great! I'm totally jealous that you've woven your ends in as you've gone. Very smart woman, you are. I finished up October the day before yesterday- wahoo! Only two more months to go.


Looking forward to seeing the end product!

Cheryl | TimeToCraft

I love your weather blanket.Impossible to order the right amounts of yarn, I should imagine. Question is - are you going to start one for this year? Thora models the blanket so well. Cuddly loveliness.

Anna Prasad

Cannot wait to see the finished blanket! That gorgeous girl...she looks so comfy there! X


I peeked and know there is a new update for this blanket but I have to comment and say that of course it passed the snuggle-ability test! Little one looks so content!

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