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February 20, 2016


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Anna Prasad

Oh he looks so sweet in his hand-me-downs. I love that he's wearing the aviatrix, such a cutie! X Anna


I love the hooded jacket you knitted, it's gorgeous! I've seen baby hats and a cardigan recycled. It shows that they were loved knits!


What sweeties they both are. So lovely to see pictures of them snuggled in love-filled hand knits! Ros x


Given the love and time that goes into hand-knits, I think it's great that they get used multiple times! And that vintage snowflake jacket is so sweet...so glad it fits Johan (though I spy several buttons that got put on that coat!)! Such a beautiful knit!


Yes! My friend's son is 12 years younger than mine, and he is now wearing a hoodie that I made when my son was 6 (her son is quite a bit taller than mine was so he is wearing it at 3.5). So cool. My son likes it as well.

Love that sweater - you absolutely should be pleased with it!


oh i love this post!! passing down the handknits is a wonderful tradition and perfect opportunity for some side by side photo comparisons!

i love that snowflake coat, johan looks completely adorable!!


Awwwww!!! So much cuteness!!!


Oh I love that coat! and you were so right, Sabrina would have roasted in it. And I agree, it brings me immense joy to see recycled hand knits.

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