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February 03, 2016


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I LOVE the little snippets of rainbow edging, it's a genius idea! You are brave to do it considering all the ends it must have generated!! I may steal it from you when I get to the point of finishing my Love Squared blanket.


You are such a bold and brave woman! I absolutely love your edging but all those ends? You're amazing! So sweet how excited Thora looks about her blanket- what a lucky girl!


Wow! Beautiful baby. Amazing blanket.

Cheryl | TimeToCraft

Hats off to you. I love that you are changing the colours around the border like a rainbow. I suspect that I'd have taken the easier option and used one colour, or until it ran out. Your way is miles better. Your model is adorable as ever.


I concur with everybody else...this edging is a genius way to finish off your blanket. It's going to look amazing! And I think finishing the squares by January 20th is pretty darn good. I'm going to be anxiously awaiting the yarn arrival too so I can see this bad boy done! (and what a cutie in that top picture!).


Wow, that is dedication! Beautiful!!!


Whoa, blankets blankets everywhere! So impressive and yes so much patience on a page and post here. And a baby to boot, I think your patience just went up exponentially :)

Anna Prasad

Gorgeous blanket...and your sweet girl is amazing. X Anna


I don't know how I missed this post, but I've found it now. The blanket looks amazing!!!!!!! :-) Rosx

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